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The Debut Album   AZIZDEG, Take Note of the Day, AZIZDEG, NEWS release November 8th 2019. 


Release day 8th of November.
Take note of the day.


Photo: Essalhy Abdelkarim

02.11.19: Taragalte Festival,
M’Hamid El Ghizlane

Best band

We received this trophy in Festival Talguit’Art 2018 in Agadir, for giving the best concert and making the festival a success.

What  take a look the press say

Interview Atbir radio

In the interview, Mohamed El-Mobaraky/Tarwa N-Tiniri talks about the band and the music style. He mentions that it is the first time the group are in this region; the Region of Gouilmim Ouad Noun (Bouzakarne). He also says that the audience enjoyed and liked their music. Tarwa N-Tiniri thanks the organisation of festival L’ombre d’Arganier for the invitation.

Plan B blogpost:
new for Tarwa N-Tiniri

Blues Ouarzazate honored this weekend with Tarwa N-Tiniri, the first time in France! Tarwa N-Tiniri owes his rise to the Moroccan stage and festivals. Revelation Award of the international crossroad Visa for Music in Rabat in 2018, the group arrives in France this weekend with a strong determination to continue this great artistic adventure by making itself known internationally.

Plan B blogpost:
Tarwa N-Tiniri, the blues of Amazigh singing

Tarwa N-Tiniri explores and affirms a musical style of its own. One could say at first listen that this is a group of Through this art project inspired by Amazigh poetry and nomadic culture, Hamid, Mustapha, Youssef, Ismael, Mohamed and Mokhtar are the ambassadors of a new generation in touch with a society that is shaking codes and benchmarks, at the risk of rendering irreversible a process of uprooting, loss of memory.

Interview TV channel 2M - Talguit'Art Festival February 2018

Tarwa N-Tiniri played in Festival Talguit’art in Agadir 1-3.02.2018 for a big audience. Here a review from TV channel 2M and with an interview with band member Mohamed. We want to thank our fans out there for all support!

La Vie eco:
Tarwa N'tiniri: the desert blues to reach the international

We have gained a great deal of experience on such an impressive stage and by attending artists from around the world. This is already a consecration for us. READ MORE

Huffpost wrote:
In the heart of the desert blues

One of the most important parts of Amazigh culture and North African culture in general has always been music.

video from Some of our gigs

Machines de I'lle de Nantes, France 2019

Watch video from our trip to Nantes in May 2019. It was a special place to play in Machines de I’lle de Nantes, France. Also we played in Le Bois Du Barde, Mellionnec, please check for more videos in our YouTube-Channel. Thank you France – see you next time.

Transform Festival Trondheim, Norway 2018

We had the honour to perform in the opening concert in Transform – World Music Festival in Trondheim, Norway 3rd of October. Enjoy our videos from the this concert. We will upload more from our Norway Tour soon

Nmdaz nirir s-assouf nanaɣ
Aẓawan nrhat nrha Tilelli


TARWA N-TINIRI –  a prodigious group of six youngsters and their Desert Blues sound have given the band from ­Ouarzazate, Morocco increasing fans all over the world. The Desert Blues genre has a growing ­music interest across the globe. The iconic artists of Tinariwen have inspired the band.

The band started their musical journey together in 2012, first with a homemade guitar called Lohtar. Ever since they have participated in festivals throughout Morocco and shared their passion and love for making and performing music together. They debuted internationally in festival Transform in Norway during 2018, and later France in 2019.

They started to write their songs, fueled by a mutual interest for Desert Blues. They worked hard on their debut album, and knew the time was right to bring back the music and culture an international audience. Tarwa N-Tiniri considers a request to be asked to play in fans’ private parties and weddings, as a highest compliment.


The media say it:
Tarwa N-Tiniri is a promising band, and the future of desert blues.
(Arne Berg: NRK Radio P2 Jungeltelegrafen, Norway)

Some of the songs in their debut album “Azizdeg” are written by Amazigh poets. The lyrics are often about the social conditions of the nomadic people, but also love, friendship and peace. The band worked hard to save money, so they could be able to realize their first music video on Youtube in 2017. The song is named “Taryet”, which is until now their most watch video.

The band choose to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles, to convey a wider variety of emotions and topics, by choosing more traditional Amazigh ­instruments in their music. For the first time, they added banjo, tam tam, fram drum (agnza/bendir) and naqus (brake drum), something you will hear it in the debut album. They are the first band in ­Morocco who mixes ­banjo into desert blues genre. The future goals are to add also amzad (rebab), guembri and more.

For more information – send us email about EPK.

Band members


Lead vocal,
el guitar, acoustic guitar


Choir, djembé


Choir, bass guitar


choir, El guitar


Choir, Calabasse




Ad-issid s-iman naɣ
dinna gnurz ad-niniy
Issid usid s-iman naɣ


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