“Do not leave the audience indifferent”

HuffPost article from Taragalte Festival 2019:


Even if the activities of this festival are diversified, it is the concerts which attract the most people, and one understands easily why. Artists such as Gnaoui Aziz Sahmaoui , the Taragalte Generation , Tarwa N’Tiniri , or the famous Algerian singer Kader Tarhanine do not leave the audience indifferent.

Poster: Taragalte Festival: https://www.facebook.com/Taragalte/

See also the video from our concert Taragalte Festival:

Music & Dance – Saturday 2nd November🎶Join us to dance and sing under the stars with Tarwa N-Tiniri✨

Slået op af Taragalte Festival – Under The Stars i Lørdag den 2. november 2019



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