The debut album Azizdeg released

Notable previous work by the album’s label Atty Record – and Simon and Greg Record the World. Today 8th of November is a historic day for the band Tarwa N-Tiniri for publishing their debut album Azizdeg by label Atty Record, Canada.

Since 2017 the band has worked with songwriting and making the beats to the lyrics. The songs are mirroring about the real facts of life in their area. The band confirmed the songs in events, and their audience loved the music. Many asked about an album, but the chances were small to fund it alone.

The key to record the album came from Canada. Nathalie Lévesque – Marchande d’idées interculturelles, curator of intercultural projects, who introduced Tarwa N-Tiniri to “Simon and Greg Record the World”. They travel around the world, record talented artists and make videos about it. January 2019 Simon and Greg arrived Ouarzazate for recording the album. They rigged themselves to the music-garage of the band. The band had practised months together for the songs and played very tight together. After one week in Studio Garage, they finished recording the album. This intercultural collaboration was the best gift from Canada to the band from southeast of Morocco, and with their nomadic heritage, they will give their music to the world.

And now it is time to invite you on a musical journey of desert blues. Who knows where the lyrics and tones from desert and Atlas mountains will take you.



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