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One of the most important parts of Amazigh culture and North African culture, in general, has always been music.

Tarwa N-Tiniri from the city of Ouarzazate launched a video with a creative touch, titled “Ansuf”, and means “Welcome”.

The group, according to bandmember Mohamed El-Mobaraky, add the traditional Amazigh heritage in the video to introduce the cultural heritage of Amazigh. They want to express how sincerely welcomed people are – and they want to show it in the Moroccon and the Amazigh way.

The spokesman added, “Zagora News,” that the song carries with it a message that the Amazigh people welcome all the peoples of the world, regardless of the type of disagreement between them, whether racial, religious or cultural – it is a desire to communicate and spread love and peace.

“By mixing culture with music, we can make the humanity aware of the culture with good differences, love and to be open to all cultures,” El-Mobaraky said.

The release of the new song Ansuf is an announcement for the debut album of the band with a release on 08 November 2019, with the title “Azizdeg” – means to clean your feelings. Seeing with the eye of truth means uncovering the truth, removing the dust, and courageously facing existence.

The group “Tarwa N-Tiniti” recorded the album, which is the first in their career in Ouarzazate, southeast of Morocco, produced and distributed by Atty Record, Canada.

What distinguishes this album is that it is loaded with new melodies of desert blues mixed with spiritual music rhythms of the band’s creativity, words and social topics of interest and inspire the follower and researcher on the history and life of the Amazigh people.



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