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The band “Tarwa N-Tiniri” recently released a new music video titled “Ansuf”, which means “Welcome”.

The band relied on traditional Amazigh heritage in the video to publicize this precious cultural heritage.

The band says that the new work expresses the depth of welcome of the Moroccan people in general and the Amazigh people in particular to all the peoples of the world. The song also carries the message that the Amazigh people welcome all the peoples of the world, regardless of their differences, whether their ethnicity, religious or cultural heritage.

The young band added the song Ansuf is an announcement for the debut album of the band, which will be released on the date of November 08, 2019 and titled Azizdeg – and means clarification: the sense of removing dust from some events and some feelings and feelings and show them for what they are.

It is noteworthy that the band recorded her first album in their career in Ouarzazate in the southeast of Morocco.

What distinguishes this album is loaded with new melodies in desert blues genre mixed with spiritual music rhythms of the band’s creativity, with words and social topics of interest to the listener about the history and the lives of the Amazigh people from the past and present.

In the recording of the album, the band, along with electric guitars, introduced the banjo and other instruments of Amazigh cultural heritage, as the first band in Morocco that mixes banjo in desert blues with a special touch that distinguishes the band from the other bands.



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