Hespress about Gaâda festival

Tarwa N-Tiniri participated in Gaâda festival the 3rd edition for celebrating the Amazigh new year 2970. https://youtu.be/Xz4XEG1dLuw http://Hespress.com Poster from Gaâda Festival in Oujda January 11th 2020.

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Agadir TV about “Ansuf”

Read the news in Arabic https://youtu.be/-HWvoD4Qctc The band "Tarwa N-Tiniri" recently released a new music video titled "Ansuf", which means "Welcome". The band relied on traditional Amazigh heritage in the…

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Interview Atbir radio

In the interview, Mohamed El-Mobaraky/Tarwa N-Tiniri talks about the band and the music style. He mentions that it is the first time the group are in this region; the Region…

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